Four Ways Communication Skills Training Boosts Productivity

When it comes to doing global business, are your employees speaking the same language? Or is something critical getting lost in translation?

Poor communication costs organisations up to $12,506 per employee, per year. It is a major drag factor not just on productivity, but also on collaboration and innovation – arguably the most crucial capabilities in today’s business environment.

While technology is seen as the lynchpin of borderless business, it’s just one enabler; effective communication is the other.

Download our latest eBook to discover why one of our most uniquely human skillsets – communication – is still so relevant today, how to troubleshoot common problems related to communication in the workplace, and how, in doing so successfully, you can boost your organization’s overall performance.

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About this eBook

We’ve lived in a globalised world for some time now – yet 65% of businesses experience language barriers internally. Moreover, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives falter if employees can’t understand cultural nuances that are second nature to their colleagues. 

These challenges can be overcome. And the rewards are powerful – increased productivity, greater innovation, happier customers, better leaders. One study shows effective cross-cultural communication boosts productivity and morale by

Our free eBook details four of the biggest business benefits you can expect from investing in language, intercultural and interpersonal skills, backed by data and real-world insights from leading industry experts.  

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In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • Why customers still value the human touch in our era of chatbots and AI
  • What cultural quotient is and why it’s important to thrive doing global business
  • How an internal ‘lingua franca’ supports an inclusive workplace culture; and
  • How enabling better communication boosts the bottom line

Download your free copy now to discover the key to success in hybrid workplaces. 

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Download now if you’re a CHRO, L&D professional, or any other business leader seeking to:

  • Reap the benefits of global collaboration
  • Move your employee communication strategy from friction and frustration to fluency and understanding;
  • Develop an inclusive, customer-centric culture; and,
  • Align and connect your employees to drive  the greatest results

Discover how communication skills amplify productivity. Empower your multinational, multicultural business today.

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