Our innovative approach to corporate language learning

We harness the very latest research to optimize
and accelerate the learning process

An innovative approach to your corporate training

Our approach to blended learning draws on the latest scientific insights and our own extensive experience working with hundreds of thousands of learners. It’s people-powered EdTech that evolves with your business.


We know people are the key to creating transformative learning experiences. It’s our energizing trainers who engage learners and drive life-changing personal and professional results. That’s why we use award-winning technologies to empower, extend and enhance what our trainers do. We complement the human element, we don’t stifle or replace it. It’s a blueprint for blended learning that connects and empowers.

Flipped Classroom

We use the flipped classroom approach to help learners get the maximum possible benefit from their trainer time. We introduce the learning material before class and use the time with trainers to deepen understanding. Then we make use of interactive self-study after a class to develop problem-solving skills, heighten individual abilities and work on any weak areas.

Learnlight Empowerment Method™

Our own Learnlight Empowerment MethodTM forms the heart of our corporate learning methodology. It’s designed to drive engagement and accelerate learning, based on the latest scientific research that places learners at the center of the experience. Learnlight Empowerment MethodTM is optimized for both digital natives (millennials) and digital immigrants, building confidence and developing new skills with authentic, current, real-world multimedia content.

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Personalized learning

Fully-personalized learning programs, designed to guide corporate language and multicultural learners through relevant, applicable and immersive content. Our programs combine the exceptional tools of our award-winning platform with the in-depth expertise of our trainers.


We create bite-sized content, consumed in as little as five to ten minutes. It’s accessible anytime and anywhere, during a morning commute, between meetings or over lunch. The ideal way for a learning plan to fit within the corporate learner’s busy schedule.

Premium trainers

We only recruit the top 1% of virtual trainers who apply to Learnlight. Our 1,000+ trainers have been chosen for their formal qualifications, business experience and proven ability to impact our learners’ lives. That’s how we maintain our exceptionally high satisfaction rating.

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Follow a structured linear path of interactive digital activities


Collect personalized feedback and flashcards to consolidate learning


Explore unstructured, informal learning tools to develop deeper understanding

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