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Innovative, intuitive and effective

Impactful learning is only possible when employees are completely engaged in the learning experience. We believe this is best accomplished through a people-powered, technology-enabled approach.

Learnlight puts trainers at the heart of your employees’ learning, and combined with an elegant design, extensive digital courseware and multiple on-the-job tools, offers an award-winning platform that delivers consistent and scalable results the world over.

platform architecture

In today’s fast-paced digital world, speed and responsiveness are critical to keep learners engaged. Our new platform provides unparalleled speed, performance and flexibility so that your employees can access their learning anytime, anywhere, and your security remains at the core.

user experience

A structured journey that guides employees as they learn is important in helping them achieve their goals. Our intuitive navigation, built around our learning lifecycle approach: Learn-Revise-Practice, offers an array of search features, intuitive learning pathways and personalization tools that ensure this is how all their learning takes place whilst under our realm.

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Smart customization

We understand that seamless integration with your existing LMS and HR systems is important. That’s why we’ve built a platform that’s intelligent, flexible and customizable, to get rid of all your headaches. You can personalize it with integrations, take advantage of our advanced data insights, and make it your own with our extended theming capabilities.

learning outcomes

For employees to be ready to apply what they’ve learnt at work, and results to be quickly felt within the bottom line, the Learnlight Empowerment Method™ and our Learnlight Impact Framework are integral elements of our platform. Employees learn through real life business scenarios, so that they can quickly and seamlessly use what they’ve learnt on the job.

Our innovative platform now also includes Fluency Lab, our proprietary AI technology that offers real-time evaluation of Learners’ speech, helping your talent apply their newly acquired language skills in real-world business scenarios and communicate with confidence irrespective of their accent. 

Language and skills courses
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Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Stay in control, with our extensive live reporting and progression tracking, designed around learners and internal training teams alike. Whether it’s constructive, actionable feedback, engagement levels or completion rates, our platform provides the detailed reporting you need.

Seamless systems integration

Benefit from hassle-free deployment, with easy integration into a wide array of HR and learning management systems (LMS). Our dedicated technical implementation team take care of planning, design, development, deployment and testing. While our extended theming, branding options and single sign-on (SSO) ensure high user acceptance levels.

Enterprise level security

Achieve total peace of mind, with ISO27001 and GDPR compliance and extensive security certifications. Our platform is built on a world-class enterprise-level cloud-based infrastructure, designed to operate in and integrate securely with the world’s leading organizations. We also integrate with the communication platform Microsoft Teams.

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Platform integration

Our award-winning platform integrates with all the well-known HR and learning systems, and supports our world-leading trainers. You’ll be ready to respond more effectively to the evolving demands of your employees, with access to our 200+ personalized corporate language, intercultural skills, and communication courses, delivered with extended branding options.


Follow a structured linear path of interactive digital activities


Collect personalized feedback and flashcards to consolidate learning


Explore unstructured, informal learning tools, including Café and Magazine

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