12 septiembre 2018

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe’s Training Challenges

Author: Learnlight

Learnlight was approached by the Human Resources team to design and deliver language training programs to over 70 delegates with business or personal development objectives.

Training Objectives

The key requirements of the training were to:

  • Provide training in European and Japanese languages to improve communication across the company
  • Maximize return on investment through high levels of delegate attendance
  • Ensure training is offered company-wide to those with a genuine business need or who have shown commitment in the past for development purposes


The key challenges were identified as:

  • Motivating SIE employees and elevating the status of language training to ensure that the minimum target of 75% attendance was achieved
  • Adapting the core content to the individual needs of the group learners
  • Providing a flexible solution to cater for busy diaries and limited availability

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