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Why Learnlight?

According to our clients, we stand out from the crowd, not only by offering the most comprehensive range of global language and soft skills training in the market, but also by giving them the things they care about most.

Strategic Partner

Strategic Partner

At Learnlight, we’re all about building long-lasting strategic partnerships with our clients. We use a proven consultative approach that ensures we understand you, your business, and your people, so we can build custom solutions that meet the needs of your learners and integrate seamlessly with your LMS or Talent Management System.

Learnlight offers the most comprehensive suite of language and skills training in the market, leading the way in virtual, face-to-face and digital services, and actively serving clients on a worldwide basis. This enables you to consolidate your suppliers, centralize tracking and control, and drive significant cost savings.

Award-winning Platform

Our award-winning platform powers all Learnlight’s innovative blended learning programs. Whether you choose virtual, face-to-face, or just self-study, you get access to sophisticated learning tools and digital courseware through any device, any time, any place.

The Learnlight platform also provides HR, L&D and other key stakeholders with the reports and analytics needed to measure impact and make informed investment decisions. And Learnlight runs on a world-class cloud-based infrastructure, so you’re guaranteed the highest levels of performance, reliability and security.

Top Trainers

Top Trainers

We put the world’s best trainers at the heart of the learning experience. We can say that not just because we only hire the Top 1% of virtual trainers who apply to work with us, but also because our learning platform is based on a 360º Management architecture that empowers rather than replaces trainers.

With continuous quality control and a dedicated Performance Management, we can confidently guarantee that we do everything possible to ensure that each and every session is a resounding success.

Engaged Learners

We believe trainers are the key to creating transformative learning experiences that engage learners, drive tangible progress, and deliver measurable business impact. That’s why we use a flipped classroom approach to combine dynamic live sessions with personalized learning content, which blends formal micro-learning courseware with up-to-the-minute news, videos and trending topics from across the web. All this is underpinned by our innovative, engagement-focused Empowerment Method™.


Global Program Management

Running a global training program is a complex, time-consuming job. But not with Learnlight.

Our clients outsource the entire process to our highly-experienced team of Program Managers, who support you through design and implementation, ensure a flawless communication and launch plan, support ongoing global delivery, and are always on hand to resolve issues and respond quickly to your questions and requests.

Delighted Clients

Ultimately, it’s what our clients have to say about us that counts. It’s what we work for. It’s what we live for. So, when a recent independent study gave us a world-class NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 88, our team was as delighted as our clients. We’d encourage you to find out how we’ve helped other companies by checking out our collection of ‘Client Stories’. Or better still, talk to some of our clients yourself! We’d be happy to put you in touch.

Nps 88
NPS (Net Promoter Score

Discover Learnlight

Discover Learnlight

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