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Help employees develop a global mindset and make diversity your business strength.

Intercultural awareness
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Today’s workforce is becoming more global. With country-agnostic recruitment and cross-borderless working, teams have become increasingly diverse. New ways of working such as hybrid and remote, and the growing need to work cross-functionally, are changing how we operate and communicate.


Bridge the gap

Boost workplace productivity by unlocking the full potential of all your employees. Offer cultural training programs to enhance your employees’ ability to communicate and collaborate internationally, bridging any cultural and communication gaps that are in the way.

Spotlight course: Working Effectively Across Cultures

  • Explore cultural similarities and differences to adapt your work style approach
  • Understand how to build cohesion and trust in multicultural teams
  • Apply effective communication strategies when collaborating across cultures


Embrace diversity

Retain your best talent by ensuring diversity is valued, celebrated and cherished. Train employees to navigate misunderstandings in a timely and conflict-free manner. Empower them to incorporate different perspectives seeing it as an enriching, not burdening, experience.

Spotlight course: Working Effectively with [Culture] Nationals

  • Identify the impact of culture on business values and behaviors
  • Explore your cultural profile and how to adapt communication styles
  • Examine best practices, protocol, and etiquette in the target culture


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Elevate leaders

Set an example and inspire others, starting with your senior management. Enable leaders to skillfully lead global teams. Set a precedent in empowering all employees, no matter their background or perspective, to speak up and contribute equally to projects.

Spotlight course: Living, Working, and Leading in [Culture]

  • Understand the impact of culture on values and behaviors
  • Apply strategies and frameworks to effectively handle unfamiliar intercultural situations
  • Identify and adapt your communication style for effective interactions and management

Relocate seamlessly

Prepare your workforce and their families for successful overseas assignments. Give employees the headspace to focus on their primary tasks by offering, not only them, but also their families, the cultural skills training they need to find their feet quickly in a new country.

Spotlight course: Repatriation Training

  • Identify concrete ways to apply or transform skills developed abroad
  • Develop strategies for minimizing culture shock
  • Create a re-entry strategy to maximize success back home

Turn your employees into master communicators

Our innovative programs offer a hassle-free, flexible and layered solution for intercultural skills training, combining digital (self-paced) and virtual (trainer-led) formats.

  • Assess: Intercultural assessment tool designed to help you identify gaps and compare cultural preferences of multicultural teams
  • Explore: 150+ digital courses for On-Demand learning and live webinars aimed at promoting intercultural awareness among employees
  • Upskill: Group and individual coaching sessions led by expert trainers are offered to further hone and advance intercultural skills
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