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Learnlight offers training, coaching and consultancy solutions to more than 1250 clients and 100,000 learners around the globe. Our solutions include global language training (60+ languages); specialized language courses (40+ courses); professional soft skills training (100+ courses); intercultural training (150+ courses); and competency assessment tools.

Global Language Training

Learnlight offers corporate training in more than 60 different languages, from major world languages like English, Spanish and French, to more regional languages like Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, or Arabic.

All our programs are delivered globally through our award-winning cloud-based platform and virtual training services as well as face-to-face in more than 60 countries a year. Our blended learning approach, flipped classroom methodology and unique expertise in the digital transformation of language learning programs deliver unprecedented learning results to your learners and a measurable Return on Investment for your business.


Specialized Language Courses

With Learnlight Specialized Courses you can customize your language training program with content that relates to a specific industry, department, or job role. We can even create custom learning units based on internal news, projects, and documentation from your company.

Specialized Courses enable you to learn from highly relevant content that is directly applicable to your daily tasks and responsibilities, with custom vocabulary, topical discussions and highly-realistic role plays.

Skills & Intercultural Training

Learnlight offers 200+ communication skills, personal skills, virtual skills, and management skills training courses, as well as intercultural training courses that develop your international competence.

These programs can be delivered in an individualized and flexible virtual format or a traditional face-to-face format. Custom programs can also be developed as part of an internal leadership program with our skills consulting team.

Assessment & Testing

Assessment & Testing

Learnlight Assessment is a revolutionary new approach to measuring a learner's level of communicative competence. This can be done either as an individual test or as part of a global linguistic audit in which we assess the competence of an entire workforce.

Instead of a traditional academic language test that emphasizes ‘passive' skills like grammar and reading levels, Learnlight Assessment is built around a structured oral interview in which a learner is required to demonstrate specific ‘active' skills and capabilities. This enables us to capture listening and speaking skills, confidence and fluency, and a range of other measures that determine how effectively a learner will perform in a real-life context.

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