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Learnlight Executive


Traditional, personalized one-to-one training

Learnlight Executive is a premium one-to-one approach to traditional face-to-face training, with personalized content, flexible scheduling and optional VIP enhancements. This service is available with 100+ skills programs and 100+ standard or specialized language programs.

Learnlight Executive can be delivered in extensive or intensive format, with or without blended digital contents, and wherever you want; we deliver in more than 60 countries per year.

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How does it work?

  • Choose the format, duration and frequency of the classses. We’ll assign the face-to-face trainer most suited to your needs and timetable preferences.
  • If you’re on a blended program, access our award-winning platform from your laptop, tablet or smartphone and complete the online preparation activities before your class.
  • During your class, your trainer will lead you through a series of structured activities and role-plays that will help you apply what you have learned and actively develop the target skills.
  • At the end of each class, your trainer will give you a summary of the key points covered and personalized suggestions for improvement. You can check all the relevant information about your program (upcoming classes, number of activities carried out and scores, etc.) 24/7, on the platform.
Learnlight Executive

Who is it for?

  • Learners who require the personalized attention of a one-to-one trainer
  • Learners who prefer a more traditional face-to-face approach



We can design highly-tailored programs covering general language, specialized language, soft skills and intercultural training to provide comprehensive solutions for key roles.


Learnlight Executive provides a convenient, flexible approach, which works for all learners, regardless of their digital literacy.


Our dynamic methodology optimizes attendance and promotes quick progress, leading to a higher return on investment


The one-to-one format enables the trainer to adjust each class to the learner’s specific needs, maximizing their progress in the shortest amount of time.


Working on key concepts at your own pace before each class means that you make the most of the valuable time you have with your trainer.


We recruit only the top 1% of trainers. Our 1500+ trainers were chosen for their qualifications, experience and proven ability to impact our learners’ lives. That’s how we maintain an incredible >4.5/5 average satisfaction rating

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