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Learnlight Discovery

Learnlight Discovery

Engaging, Mobile, Microlearning

Learnlight Discovery is an interactive, online, self-study service that’s been built for on-the-go, mobile learning, with bite-sized micro-learning activities and a compelling touch-driven user experience.

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How does it work?

  • Enter your learning path and begin working through the interactive units, which include text, audio and video content and a variety of 15 different activity formats, offering instant feedback.
  • Take the progress tests as you advance and, ultimately, the final exam to certify your completion of the course.
  • Complement this structured learning with our continuously-updated Magazine and the numerous articles, videos, polls and discussions you’ll find there.
  • For our English courses, access our Reference section for just-in-time guidance on Grammar, Accents & Dialects, Emails & Writing, Pronunciation and our extensive Intercultural Guide.
Learnlight Discovery

Who is it for?

  • Learners who need an affordable approach to language learning
  • Learners who are using any other Learnlight services as part of a blended program



The modern learner is always on the move, so we’ve built our platform for the smartphone, with small-screen content and a touch interface, so you can learn on-the-go.


Our courses are based on small bite-sized bursts of learning that can be done in just a few minutes, whether you’re between meetings or on your way home.


Our editorial team and pedagogical specialists continually update Magazine with the latest news, videos and articles from across the web.


We specialize in customizing content to specific industries or job roles and providing custom client-specific editions of the Magazine, a critical element of making learning relevant and directly applicable to the day-to-day environment.


Learnlight Discovery is based on a structured, CEFR-aligned curriculum that ensures you work progressively toward concrete goals.


Learnlight Discovery is our basic Digital service and can be particularly economical with an enterprise license.

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