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Innovative, intuitive, & effective

Life-changing learning is only possible when learners are completely engaged. For that,
you need a platform that’s been designed to put the trainer at the heart of the learning experience. Combine this with elegant design, extensive digital courseware, and multiple
on-the-job tools, and you have an award-winning platform that consistently delivers results the world over.

Virtual, digital,
or face-to-face?

We all have our own learning preferences and our chosen ways of absorbing and retaining information. That’s why our platform blends live, virtual and face-to-face instruction with sophisticated interactive digital courseware. It’s designed to adapt and deliver a deeply personalized experience for every single learner, on any device, anytime and anyplace.

Digitally transform
your learning

When you choose Learnlight, you choose 10+ years’ experience leading countless organizations through the digital transformation process. After working with more than half a million learners and several thousand clients, we understand the key dynamics and behaviors, crafting a faster, more flexible, and more effective learning lifecycle framework for your organization. 

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Comprehensive analytics and reporting

Stay in control, with our extensive live reporting and progression tracking, designed around learners and internal training teams alike. Whether it’s constructive, actionable feedback, engagement levels or completion rates, our platform provides the detailed reporting you need.

Seamless systems integration

Benefit from hassle-free deployment, with easy integration into a wide array of HR and learning management systems (LMS). Our dedicated technical implementation team take care of planning, design, development, deployment and testing. While our extended theming, branding options and single sign-on (SSO) ensure high user acceptance levels.

Enterprise level security

Achieve total peace of mind, with ISO27001 and GDPR compliance and extensive security certifications. Our platform is built on a world-class enterprise-level cloud-based infrastructure, designed to operate in and integrate securely with the world’s leading organizations. We also integrate with the communication platform Microsoft Teams.

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Platform integration

Our award-winning platform integrates with all the well-known HR and learning systems, and supports our world-leading trainers. You’ll be ready to respond more effectively to the evolving demands of your employees, with access to our 200+ personalized corporate language, intercultural skills, and communication courses, delivered with extended branding options.


Follow a structured linear path of interactive digital activities


Collect personalized feedback and flashcards to consolidate learning


Explore unstructured, informal learning tools, including Café and Magazine

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