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Our suite of virtual language learningintercultural and communication skills courses lead the way with a blend of live trainer sessions and digital self-study. 

Learnlight Coach

Welcome to the fast track. Learnlight Coach is our flagship service, designed to provide the biggest impact in the shortest possible time. Learners are assigned a personal coach who guides them through a tailor-made program of live virtual sessions and digital self-studyensuring maximum engagement, motivation and impact. This highly flexible service supports even the busiest professionals with 24hour availability and on-demand rescheduling. 

Learnlight Academy

Learnlight Academy is like a local language school, but in the Cloud. Learners get up-to-the-minute digital courseware and the world’s best trainers. Your staff can join when and where they want, and work with a dedicated trainer to guide them and their classmates through a structured curriculum with key learning objectives and certification. 

Learnlight Teams

Learnlight Teams is more than traditional group training in the Cloud. We’ve spent the last 15 years perfecting an approach that provides access to the world’s best trainers, an extensive library of self-study activities, and a highly engaging methodology designed specifically for virtual environments. With Learnlight Teams, you can build your training groups based on division, department or needs, independent of geography. 


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If you want successful learners, you need amazing trainers. We recruit only the top 1% of virtual trainers who apply to usWe demand the best qualifications, business experience based on qualifications, and proven ability to impact learners’ lives. Learnlight was founded by trainers, so we know what good looks like. Our trainers consistently deliver satisfaction ratings of 94%. 

We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of learners in 180 countries make a dramatic breakthrough in their ability to communicate and work effectively in another language or cultureLearn what real business impact looks like with our client stories 

Each of your employees receives a personalized learning path built around their needs and ambitions. This includes essential curriculum activities, up-to-the-minute magazine articles, and real-life projects and assignments. After every live session, learners receive a personalized feedback report with learnings they can later access through their flashcard library. 

What customers say

”The quality of the teachers is one of the company’s best assets, along with the management of all the paperwork involved in the program. Additionally, the platform makes virtual classes a highly effective option.”
Head of Training, CPP
“Learnlight work with us to really understand our needs and create training solutions that are tailored to our business needs. They provide engaging teachers who have really helped to bring the realities of working internationally to life.”
Global Mobility and Reward Manager, Whitbread Group PLC
“In Learnlight we found the perfect partner for the launch and implementation of an innovative and effective language program, we regard the English Program (general and managerial) our most valued training initiative.”
HR Director, Grupo Sogecable
“We are highly satisfied with the Learnlight service as they understood how to adapt to our requirements. They have an excellent methodology and the satisfaction rates, and the development of our employees has been second to none”
Training Manager, Unilever

Platform integration

Our award-winning platform integrates with all the well-known HR and learning systems, and supports our world-leading trainers. You’ll be ready to respond more effectively to the evolving demands of your employees, with access to our 200+ personalized corporate language, intercultural skills, and communication courses, delivered with extended branding options.


Follow a structured linear path of interactive digital activities


Collect personalized feedback and flashcards to consolidate learning


Explore unstructured, informal learning tools, including Café and Magazine

Deutsche Telekom: The digitalisation of learning

Learn how we consolidated and transformed learning across the entire worldwide group. Hear this story in the words of the client themselves.


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Deutsche Telekom: The digitalisation of learning

Learn how we consolidated and transformed learning across the entire worldwide group. Hear this story in the words of the client themselves.


Training Sessions


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