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Weiterbildungsförderung Beschäftigter

Continual learning is key to healthy business. By investing in skills training, you can ensure your staff are happy, satisfied and productive, and government training grants such as Weiterbildungsförderung Beschäftigter (formerly WeGebAu) are an excellent way to subsidize these corporate training efforts.

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Learnlight has extensive experience providing Business English training courses funded by Weiterbildungsförderung Beschäftigter. Our digital, virtual and face-to-face tuition platform ensures staff are empowered with lifelong skills that ensure long-term success – for themselves and their employers.

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What is Weiterbildungsförderung Beschäftigter (WeGebAu)?

Weiterbildungsförderung Beschäftigter (formerly WeGebAu) is a German adult learning support scheme run by the Federal Employment Agency. It provides grants to businesses that partially or entirely cover the cost of further education training for low-skilled full and part-time staff, with the aim of:

  • Promoting further training for employees.
  • Improving the qualification level and overall productivity of lower-qualified employees.
  • Ensuring businesses and employees are financially supported.

Weiterbildungsförderung Beschäftigter (WeGebAu) helps businesses develop their staff’s skills without impacting profitability or existing training budgets, helping vulnerable parts of the workforce keep up with the rapid changes affecting the economy.

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Why choose Learnlight for your Weiterbildungsförderung Beschäftigter (WeGebAu) training?

For a reliable, specialist Weiterbildungsförderung Beschäftigter training provider, choose Learnlight. Offering our Business English training course via the WeGebAu scheme, we have extensive experience working with significant German businesses, and are one of the leading language training providers in the country.
We support you across the planning and implementation of your state-sponsored further training, ensuring:

  • Training is suited to your specific requirements, thanks to individual needs analysis and concept creation.
  • You are supported at every stage of your application.
  • Our expert support team ensures your funding is optimally utilized.
  • Courses are coordinated and delivered throughout Germany with fast turnaround times.
  • All our training and support is AZAV-certified.

Learnlight’s training is based on our award-winning platform which combines digital, virtual and face-to-face tuition delivered by experts. Flexible and innovative, it’s a smart choice for businesses wishing to upskill large numbers of staff efficiently and effectively.

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How is Weiterbildungsförderung Beschäftigter (WeGebAu) funding decided?

Weiterbildungsförderung Beschäftigter (WeGebAu) is available to businesses of all sizes, with grant cover rates differing depending on the number of employees in the organization.

To make an enquiry or learn more about getting the most out of Weiterbildungsförderung Beschäftigter (WeGebAu) with Learnlight, contact our experts today.

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