Cultural awareness training in the workplace

cultural competency learning

What is cultural intelligence?

Cultural awareness training, also known as intercultural, cross-cultural and cultural competency training, gives learners the skills they need to understand, work and flourish in and with cultures other than their own. It includes training on topics such as cultural values and attitudes, cross-cultural communication styles, intercultural management skills, dealing with language differences, and intercultural business strategies.

No longer seen as a soft skill, cross-cultural awareness courses and certification are crucial for businesses growing and operating beyond their original national borders and those with culturally diverse workforces or partners.

The benefits of cultural awareness training

There are several benefits for businesses that invest in cultural awareness training for their employees.

  • Strengthen bonds between staff and build happy, harmonious and productive teams.
  • Successfully attract the best international talent.
  • Understand customers from a diverse range of cultures to improve your international product and service offering.
  • Create stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your international partners.
  • Improve your international customer service provision.
  • Surpass your competitors across international markets.
  • Better reintegrate employees that have worked long periods abroad.
  • Improve career prospects in international assignment and leadership roles.

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culture training in the workplace

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