Bridging the Communication Skills Gap in the Hybrid Workplace

Miscommunication is costing companies $1.2 trillion a year

Are you also seeing poor communication practices at work? Does it lead to decreased productivity, reduced collaboration and perhaps Quiet Quitting or high turnover rates?

Hybrid teams, which consist of both remote and in-person members, rely heavily on effective communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page, tasks are completed on time, and goals are met.

Our latest ebook examines the changing corporate landscape and the common communication challenges that, if left unaddressed, impact employee retention. By the end of this ebook, you’ll walk away with the top 3 communication skills needed for today’s hybrid workforce.

About this eBook

Hybrid work is here to stay, increasing performance and lifting employee morale.

But this new way of work has brought with it its own set of challenges, causing us to re-evaluate whether our leaders, and their teams, are equipped with the right skills to communicate and collaborate effectively be it across digital platforms or working with diverse teams from around the world.

Our free ebook provides insights on the 3 pillars of communication, essential for a hybrid workplace and the basis for the skills that hybrid teams need to leverage and to master in order to thrive in a hybrid environment.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

Investing in improving communication skills in hybrid teams can help to avoid these costs and improve team performance, productivity, and satisfaction.

Download your free copy now to discover the key to success in hybrid workplaces.

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This eBook is essential reading for HR, Learning and Talent professionals involved in the strategic development of talent.

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