12 September 2018

Whitbread’s Training Results

Author: Learnlight

Following these intercultural training sessions, newly hired employees are now able to build more successful relationships with their new international partners and strengthen their international network. Techniques acquired on how to communicate virtually have also helped employees based in the UK to build stronger relationships with their global networks.

Delegates who have attended these programs commented that they had gained a better understanding and learned new ways of dealing with cultural divergence. Participants found that they now possessed an increased awareness of their own cultural values, attitudes and behaviors, how these influence their working styles and how they are perceived by others.

Finally, Whitbread employees who have attended these programs are now able to adjust their behavior to achieve better communication with colleagues and partners from other cultures.

“Learnlight work with us to really understand our needs and create training solutions that are tailored to our business needs. They provide engaging trainers who have really helped to bring the realities of working internationally to life for our teams.”

Sharon Quinn, Global Mobility and Reward Manager
Whitbread Group PLC

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