12 September 2018

Whitbread’s Training Challenges

Author: Learnlight

After a period of significant growth and expansion, Whitbread required a training strategy focused on improving the intercultural skills of its teams. The business had expanded to new markets as diverse as Asia and Eastern Europe and to make this expansion a success they had to upskill their employees. Whitbread needed to train their employees about the specific cultures of these new markets and develop cross-cultural communication skills so that they could develop effective relationships with suppliers and customers in these new regions.

Training Objectives

The training programmes were designed to:


Developing New International Markets


The key challenges were:

  • Creating high-level programs relevant for middle manager to senior directors with varying degrees of international experience
  • Creating a suite of solutions to match individual needs and objectives
  • Providing the appropriate balance between general intercultural skills and knowledge of specific target cultures
  • Developing relevant practical scenarios and exercises to enable senior leaders to adapt their global mindset and bring about change from the top down

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