12 December 2023

Using AI to Fast Track Communicative Mastery

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The debate over whether AI will replace humans in the workplace is often summed up in an overly simplistic, twofold way:

AI will replace humans for repetitive tasks, while humans will excel at softer skills like relationship-building.

To some extent this is true, but what about the intersection?

We believe it is within this intersecting realm that AI will become a changemaker for us:

AI will help us do better human work. It will support us in improving our own communication skills.

We should therefore intentionally look for opportunities to take advantage of it.

As part of our 16-Year Anniversary, where we’re celebrating what defines Learnlight’s DNA and its evolution, we wanted to officially disclose the details of our AI vision to the world and explore some of the exciting things we’re developing to support it.

The Nature of Communication Skills

Let’s begin by understanding the nature of communication skills. At Learnlight we believe this can be broken down into language, intercultural and interpersonal skills. The former to process vocabulary and grammatical knowledge for effective communication, the latter two to help us understand our differences and communicate effectively in spite of them.

Here’s where it gets interesting: These three pillars are extremely multifaceted. As P. Salvoy and J. Mayer once referenced to define emotional intelligence, these skills require us to monitor our own and others’ feelings, discriminate among them and use this information to guide our thinking and actions. In other words, our personalities play a huge role in expressing them.

This multi-faceted learning journey of becoming a “people person” requires vulnerability, which is why at Learnlight we believe in the power of our people-powered engine – our world-class trainers, to coach learners. However, AI can play a pivotal role in furthering what’s possible. We’re excited to show you how by means of our new Fluency Lab tool.

AI in Communication Skills Training

AI algorithms are continually getting better at detecting, analyzing, and processing how things like tone, pitch, facial expression, body language, and other verbal and non-verbal cues influence communication. The improvement is such that the market size for emotion detection and conversational AI is expected to grow to more than $55 billion by 2026.

We know that with age some learning experiences become harder to master. We can become fluent in a new language at any age, for example; but we are unlikely to pick up new accents as easily from as early as the age of five. It’s in addressing these gaps that AI can help.

By tapping into our verbal communication patterns, Fluency Lab’s AI helps us become universally understood in a new language, without needing to be accent perfect. It does this by focusing on the variables of language learning that can be worked on – fluency, confidence, and comprehensibility.

After Fluency Lab’s initial phase of preparation, learners can continue their journey by connecting with their trainer for further practice. Learnlight’s flipped classroom methodology (see below) is in this way reinforced and brought to life in new ways.

The Future of AI at Learnlight

Fluency Lab is just one element of our AI journey. Another example involves the pattern analysis of learner feedback and progress, to further personalize learner experiences, guided by our Learnlight Empowerment Method™. By focusing on variables that learners can change using AI, we get to develop self-efficacy, bringing our Learnlight Impact Framework to life.

In turn, science remains the core driver of our success, and people our engine, whilst technology enriches our experience in new and exciting ways, making learning more feasible and scalable. AI is empowering us to turn communication skills and their subsequent application in the workplace into our unique strengths – with an emphasis on unique because such skills will inevitably manifest themselves differently in all of us, that’s what makes us special!

We believe AI will augment the skills that will define us in the new era, not only as human beings but as individual entities. We’ll lead, grow and collaborate better by reaching communicative mastery. And we’ll get there, not despite technology, but alongside it.

Let’s not fear the future, let’s make it happen together. Cheers to another great year!

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