12 September 2018

Supporting the International Growth of Whitbread

Author: Learnlight

The last decade has seen Costa expand globally with the opening of many new outlets in southeast Asia, China, the Middle East and central and eastern Europe. To support this growth strategy, Costa’s international division has recruited internally and externally to fulfill a number of senior roles. These new international roles are required to work extensively with Costa’s overseas network, engaging both face-to-face and virtually with colleagues and partners to support and develop Costa’s international business.

Developing the international competence of employees working globally is seen as a core skill to be acquired in order to build effective, cross-cultural relationships with these international colleagues and partners.

In response to this requirement, Learnlight has been working with Whitbread since 2009 to provide intercultural training for both UK based teams working internationally as well as employees embarking on international assignments.


Developing New International Markets

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