12 September 2018

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe’s Training Solutions

Author: Learnlight

Learnlight and SIE worked in close partnership to ensure that the training met the learning styles of employees.

An open day provided an opportunity for current and new delegates to ask questions and to find out more about this important learning initiative. Detailed pre-training questionnaires and language assessments allowed Learnlight to develop a targeted company-wide language training program.

Our Solution

  • Professional company-wide language training in all required languages
  • Training scheduled around the busy working days of SIE employees
  • Constantly updated Management information made available to managers and delegates to monitor progress and ensure high levels of attendance and employee satisfaction
  • Cross-cultural training provided to senior Directors and Managers to help SIE (UK) to gain a more effective understanding of their international colleagues

Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe

Developing Effective Relationships with International Colleagues

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