07 May 2018

Siemens’ Training Solutions

Siemens training solutions



Right from the outset of the relationship, Learnlight have offered Siemens Spain solutions adapted to their changing business needs. While Siemens training programs were initially largely classroom-based, this soon evolved towards more and more virtual training environments.

2010 saw Learnlight devise a new approach to meet Siemens’ language training needs, with different programs mapped to specific needs:

  • A blended program – ensuring personalized attention by combining face-to-face classes with virtual classes
  • A virtual program – involving telephone classes delivered by a dedicated trainer
  • Specialized English training – focused on advanced level learners who needed to develop their competency to manage meetings, negotiations and presentations
  • Intensive courses delivered at Siemens’ centers across Spain
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Ready to discover a new way to learn languages and soft skills?
Discover Learnlight
Ready to discover a new way to learn languages and soft skills?

All these learning solutions use the Flipped Classroom approach, which is based on preparation, communication and consolidation. Participants complete their activities before the class in order to maximize contact time with their trainer where they apply and consolidate everything that they have learned.

Learnlight has always offered Siemens Spain flexible training solutions to ensure that their training is geared towards the needs of the modern learner whilst engaging employees with the company’s corporate culture.

Siemens is an innovation leader that embraces new technologies and has proved this time and time again when it comes to training. Siemens Spain has always been one of the first clients to trial and adopt many of Learnlight’s new services.

Learnlight and Siemens have become strategic partners and have grown together over the last twelve years, breaking new ground in the field of language learning.

The launch of the Learnlight Café service is a prime example. Siemens was one of the first companies to offer its employees this innovative virtual solution.

Participants from around the world can connect to Learnlight Café each and every day to discuss a range of topics in English. The conversation café simulates a real conversation by mixing up different levels, profiles, locations, etc.

Fast forwarding now to 2018, Learnlight currently provides Siemens Spain with four distinct training programs, while also designing ad-hoc courses in response to specific needs:

  • Blended program: face-to-face training combined with virtual classes
  • Learnlight Coach: virtual one-on-one classes with a dedicated trainer
  • Learnlight Café: a virtual learning environment focused on developing fluency
  • Specialized English courses: for specific populations who need to work on a particular skill or project

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