22 November 2019

Siemens Global Learning Campus




The Siemens Global Learning Campus is the company’s internal learning provider. Its role is to provide employees with the right skills and competencies to ensure the success of the whole organization. To equip employees with specialist knowledge, Siemens is increasingly turning to digital learning technologies and offering virtual training courses supported by Learnlight.

The Learning Campus enables employees to access and share learning and knowledge on demand. This means that they can apply it immediately to their work challenges without having to wait for an appropriate course to be set up.

“We try to really improve the necessary skills and competencies of all employees to ensure the success of Siemens because learning is crucial”. Helge Forster, Head of Team Business Methodologies.

Learnlight – Global Provider to Siemens

The relationship between Siemens and Learnlight began more than 13 years ago. Siemens’ trust in Learnlight led them to appoint Learnlight as Siemens’ Global Strategic Learning Partner for language training in 2018.

This appointment was thanks to the strong support of Siemens Spain, who recommended Learnlight to the central office in Germany, having worked hand in hand with Learnlight as a training partner for many years.

Siemens Spain was an early adopter of many of Learnlight’s learning innovations. The training outcomes achieved so far speak for themselves: 98% of participants completed their Learnlight training course successfully in 2017, the attendance rate was 94%, and the average trainer satisfaction rate was 5/5.

Siemens Anwenderbericht
Learnlight & Siemens Germany
Global Training Solutions for a Global World
Siemens Anwenderbericht
Learnlight & Siemens Germany
Global Training Solutions for a Global World

Having Learnlight as a global strategic partner gives Siemens the agility to set up new training modules quickly and easily, and scale their solutions as the organization evolves. It doesn’t take long to set up a new course when Siemens need to implement company-wide training, and reporting and monitoring training is simpler and more flexible, as the systems are already in place.

Importance of Language Skills at Siemens

Siemens considers language competency a corporate priority. Language skills are an essential work tool for Siemens’ employees to carry out their work successfully as Siemens is active in almost every country in the world.

All employees must have the capacity to communicate effectively with clients, customers and suppliers, as well as with international colleagues.

Siemens encourages employees to take responsibility for their personal performance in today’s changing landscape. Working in multi-disciplinary teams is now the norm and language skills are vital to drive operational efficiency and collaboration.

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