22 November 2019

Siemens Germany training results



The amount of interaction with live trainers surprised even the more reluctant learners, who were worried that they would miss the human touch of face-to-face training. Staff at the Siemens Global Learning Campus have described Learnlight’s virtual blended approach as “the perfect match between technology, content and human-based and human-led training”.

“We’ve chosen Learnlight as our training provider because [their training] puts the learner in the center…It offers a flexibility that no other solution can deliver,” Matthias Fuchs, Senior Training Consultant at Siemens.

Learnlight’s expert trainers play a key role in motivating Siemens’ learners. Many learners highlight the great rapport they have built with their trainers, who frequently become friends as well as trainers.
Learnlight language training is driven by the user and allows learners to take control of their learning. This offers Siemens’ employees a flexible learning experience.

The move to virtual learning has not only led to an increase in the language capabilities of Siemens’ employees, it is also more sustainable. With traditional training, learning and work are separate – learners must allocate time to each training activity. With Learnlight, however, learning content is available across all devices, and the distinction between work and learning is blurred.

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Siemens’ employees are recognizing the flexibility and benefits of Learnlight’s virtual training approach. The new Learnlight programs have led to a significant increase in learner engagement. The state-of-the-art Learnlight platform is, according to Siemens’ Senior Consultant and super-user Dr. Theresia Tauber, “just like a fitness gym where you train your language muscles.”

“I would recommend Learnlight because it’s a very convenient and pragmatic way to learn languages, where you have a lot of flexibility and the exercises are great. The biggest benefit for me is the direct contact with the face-to-face sessions via Skype with a trainer.” Andreas Talg, Head of Learner Experience Platforms.

Adopting a virtual language learning approach has also enabled Siemens to take their global mobility strategy to the next level. Employees going on international assignment or secondment can start their language training prior to leaving their home country and continue learning in their host country, ensuring a continuous learning process and competency building that would be difficult to achieve otherwise. They are also able to maintain the relationship with their personal virtual coach, which gives them additional security when changing countries, as they don’t have to adjust to a new trainer, as well as ensuring learning continuity.

Siemens is already reaping the multiple benefits of virtual language training. Not only is the digital classroom more agile, more relevant and more exciting for their employees, it also has a significant impact on return on investment, including higher attendance rates and increased learner engagement, which leads to faster progress.

Siemens Spain & Learnlight
A partnership that has triumphed worldwide
Siemens Spain & Learnlight
A partnership that has triumphed worldwide

Learnlight’s innovative training plan is transforming language learning at Siemens, helping the learning team to meet the training needs of their people in innovative ways without losing the all-important human element. Learnlight looks forward to supporting more and more Siemens’ employees around the globe as they continue to migrate to our online training environment and discover all the benefits of virtual training.

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