22 November 2019

Siemens Germany training challenges



Across the business, Siemens is looking for efficient and sustainable digital solutions. The Global Learning Campus must engage employees as active participants in the company’s digital transformation process. The campus is receiving more and more requests for virtual language training as employees are keen to explore the possibilities of digitalization.

The main training challenges facing Siemens are:

  • Organizational evolution – delivering language training to an organization in a state of continuous change.
  • Lack of time – more and more Siemens’ employees find it difficult to attend classic face-to-face training sessions and to commit to a fixed time slot.
  • Busy schedules due to regular travel for work – learners require a flexible language training approach that caters to the needs of modern learners.
  • Reducing the impact of travel – as an organization committed to creating a sustainable future, Siemens requires training solutions that allow them to honor their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.
  • Providing customized learning – Siemens is receiving an increasing number of individual learning requirements regarding specific topics/situations.
  • Adapting to digital virtualized formats – Siemens’ employees were used to a traditional face-to-face approach and needed to develop their digital capabilities.
  • Creating a shift in mindset – Siemens have made it their mission to transform employee attitudes towards learning. In the past, learning at Siemens was something remote, that you would devote a day to, attending a classroom-based course. Using new digital technologies, the Learning Campus strives to embed learning into the daily work of their people.
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