12 September 2018

RATP’s Training Results



Learnlight and the RATP Group first started working together back in 2013. During this time they have developed a strategic partnership that has helped RATP to achieve their language and skills training objectives. Learnlight’s training and development initiative helped the RATP Group to achieve success in its international expansion project. Here are some of the results:

  • Over 800 staff members trained to-date
  • Efficient contract delivery and return on investment for RATP
  • Increased knowledge of English and other local languages has enabled RATP to export its expertise worldwide
  • Strong partnership between RATP and Learnlight
  • More effective global workers
  • Annual meeting between RATP Human Resources Service Centre and Learnlight highlights the consistently high quality of services delivered regarding evaluation, implementation, monitoring procedures and overall outcomes

“Learnlight was able to meet RATP’s expectations and help the Group develop and use the international skills of its staff. Learnlight has become a genuine partner for us, able to design effective training programmes that invariably respond to RATP’s needs and requirements.”

Sylvie Quinot | Head of Training, Social Management and Innovation Department | RATP

Supporting the International Expansion of a Leading Transport Group
Supporting the International Expansion of a Leading Transport Group

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