12 September 2018

RATP’s Training Solutions



In order to solve RATP’s training needs, Learnlight developed the following solutions:

1. Flexible Training Solutions

Learnlight has put in place a flexible training solution to meet RATP’s requirements throughout Île-de-France, providing onsite delivery at RATP offices to minimize disruption and employee travel.

2. Comprehensive Training Solutions

Learnlight provides RATP with language training in all languages required by the Group. The scope of languages offered includes English, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Thai.

In addition to business language training, Learnlight has also developed a range of advanced language courses for RATP senior management, which are supplemented by training on presentation skills, accent reduction and public speaking.

Supporting the International Expansion of a Leading Transport Group
Supporting the International Expansion of a Leading Transport Group

3. Innovative Learning Solutions

RATP is a dynamic and fast-moving business. Learnlight, therefore, had to be both proactive and creative with the solutions we proposed:

  • Setting up English immersion training in London ahead of international assignments for management staff in the Project Management (MOP) and Social Management and Innovation (GIS) departments
  • Creation of language workshops for RATP Customer Services
  • Organizing eLearning and virtual learning, where these were the most appropriate formats
  • Organizing intensive training courses for individuals and groups
  • Implementing telephone-based training

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