29 August 2018

RATP’s Training Challenges



The primary aim of RATP’s training strategy is to enable the Group to export its French expertise to all four corners of the globe. To achieve this goal, RATP employees must be able to communicate clearly and effectively in an international context.

At the same time, it is also important to ensure that the Group’s employees can provide support both to its international operations and to its growing number of customers and global supply chain.

RATP required a training partner who could meet the following challenges:

  • Successfully manage a large-scale language training contract
  • Build robust and long-lasting relationships across the entire RATP Group
  • Provide real-time data to enable RATP to measure the return on its investment
  • Carry out training sessions throughout the Île-de-France region
Supporting the International Expansion of a Leading Transport Group
Supporting the International Expansion of a Leading Transport Group
  • Develop RATP employees’ international capacity not only in English but also in key languages needed in other markets, such as Portuguese, German and Arabic
  • Provide in-country immersion training for strategic employees pre-departure to English-speaking countries
  • Be a genuine training partner and advisor and offer best language training sector practices

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