12 January 2022

People-Powered EdTech: Learnlight, a Change Enabler for Your Teams and Beyond

Flexible working / The Great resignation


Charleen Parkes

Change is a constant in our lives, whether it is in our work-life or professional life.
Do your teams have the right skills to manage change for the future of work?

The magnitude of change impacted many of us, and all at the same time, when we had to adapt to working from home, lockdown rules, and more, during the pandemic. This period led many to question their behaviours, purpose, location, among other things. For companies, it accelerated the digital transformation of corporate learning, challenged training delivery, analytics and methods to empower and retain teams.

Why upskilling is critical for the future of work

The ‘Great Resignation’ is hugely impacting companies. In the UK alone, 48% of men and 45% of women intend to quit in the 6-12 months in the UK (pre-pandemic: 27.5%). In LinkedIn’s Global ‘2021 Workplace Learning Report‘ earlier this year, 59% of L&D professionals identified upskilling and reskilling at the top of their priorities. Staff retention and engagement is becoming increasingly important with HR, L&D and Talent leaders needing to reevaluate and swiftly implement strategies to retain their talent. Salary increases, bonuses, etc. are attractive but aren’t as sustainable or personal, as professional development. By offering language, intercultural and communications skills, companies are investing in their employees, which in return is investing in their future.

Future of Work
What employees are looking for in the modern workplace and how to adapt to it
Future of Work
What employees are looking for in the modern workplace and how to adapt to it

Welcome to People-Powered EdTech

Learnlight has offered blended learning solutions for corporate training to employees in more than 180 countries for almost 15 years. Our award-winning and innovative platform, paired with our Learnlight Empowerment Methodology™, facilitates change, empowers teams, and drives innovation within organisations. Learners get to choose how to learn, where from and at what time. It’s that simple, thanks to a variety of digital self-study, virtual sessions and activities.

A sustainable step forward for all

The UN launched a 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and defined 17 primary goals within their “plan of action for people, planet and prosperity”. In the plan, it is clear to see how technology acts as a driver of change. Training your teams virtually is not just convenient for some and more likely to engage learners due to the flexibility and personalisation, it’s also beneficial to the planet. Consider the number of employees you have in your organisation, the cost and energy it takes to commute, heating and cooling systems in the office, materials that need printing, etc. With more people staying at home last year, household greenhouse gas emissions dropped by 10%.

The talent pool is broader than ever before, with candidates in less popular destinations being equally considered for open positions. Virtual and digital training bridges gaps in diversity, contributing to an inclusive workplace. Employees have a fairer chance of career development and progression, as a result of learning irrespective of their location, time-zone or language.

“We help companies unlock the true power of their diverse talent providing them with the language and intercultural training they need to ensure everyone has an equal voice.” Benjamin Joseph, Co-Founder and CEO at Learnlight.

Look at your leaders

When reviewing influence in your company, your people managers are the ones that heavily shape change and help foster company culture and brand values. By aligning your training goals with your core values and business objectives, you create and maintain the right working environment where teams can achieve greater job satisfaction.

As companies evolve to more diverse workforces, the need for intercultural understanding and communication skills are critical for business. Miscommunication and misunderstanding can lead to poor performance, lack of motivation and toxic work culture. We equip leaders with the right skills to help teams thrive.

Learnlight puts the needs of your employees front and center. Doing so, not only champions change and innovation but drives growth.

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Source: Independent.co.uk

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