05 August 2019

Parsons Paris Training Solutions

parsons paris training solutions



Following a rigorous Diagnostic Consultancy process based on in-depth interviews with senior Parsons Paris leaders, Learnlight designed an engaging intercultural workshop that became an integrated part of Parsons Paris’ comprehensive orientation week. Learnlight tailored the intercultural training to resonate with the artistic tastes of the students.

The trainer used a variety of activities and methods to engage the diverse group:

  • Group activities
  • Pair work
  • Reflection
  • Role-plays
  • Self-assessments
  • Plenary discussions

“The interaction was the most helpful part because it helped break the ice with everyone in the class.”

Parsons Paris students learned how to build positive relationships with their international peers and develop strategies to cope with conflicts that may arise when living and working with a multicultural group. Using a learning through-discovery approach, they gained an increased awareness of the impact of culture.

Learnlight’s trainer positioned the workshop as distinct from a regular class by using a more informal approach.

Diversity Matters
A course to help build diverse and inclusive organizations
Diversity Matters
A course to help build diverse and inclusive organizations

The high energy, fun and enjoyable activities reflected the practical nature of the learning. Students were able to see the direct relevance to the goal of enabling them to adapt more quickly to life in Paris.

Students learned about different styles of communication and could immediately apply them to exchanging ideas about culture and values.

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