05 August 2019

Parsons Paris Training Results

parsons paris training results



To date, Learnlight has delivered intercultural training to approximately 140 students. The feedback on the intercultural workshops has been resoundingly positive with students enjoying the lively and interactive training approach.

Many students did not realize the significant impact that culture shock can have when arriving in a new country and city. The training has helped them to develop tactics to cope with any cultural misunderstanding that may arise and to forestall the effects of culture shock.

Most of the participants did not know one another prior to the training session and it proved to be the perfect icebreaker. Students have become more open-minded, tolerant and ready for cultural change as a direct result of the training.

“After the training I decided to be very open-minded and see the positive things of all the new things instead of being negative towards change”

The interactive format of the workshop provided students with the opportunity to mix and mingle by changing group composition throughout the day. It also gave Parsons Paris staff a greater insight into the cultural values of their students.

Following the success of the series of intercultural workshops, Parsons Paris are considering implementing regular intercultural training. This is particularly important, as cultural differences are something that their students face on a daily basis.

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Ready to discover a new way to learn languages and soft skills?
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Ready to discover a new way to learn languages and soft skills?

Parsons Paris believe that intercultural training is key to ensuring that students get the most out of their time at the school and equipping them for the modern workplace that they will enter once they graduate.

Today’s diverse corporate landscape requires strong intercultural communication skills and this training has given their students a competitive advantage.

“I think intercultural training has to be more and more common for any institution or company because they are hiring more and more international profiles.”

Virginie Grillet | Director of Career and Internships | Parsons Paris

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