12 May 2023

Our Takeaways on Hybrid Learning from Learning Technologies UK

Last week Learnlight was exhibiting at Learning Technologies, London, Europe’s leading showcase of organizational learning and technology. With over 9,000 attendees, more than 200 seminars and over 200 exhibitors, it was a fantastic two days’ experience where we showcased our latest learning and technology trends and learned a whole lot from our industry peers in hybrid and online learning.

Communications Skills Gaps in Hybrid Teams

Join our Head of Product, Natalia Jaszczuk, as she explores the challenges and opportunities in the hybrid workplace.

Here were our three key takeaways Learnlight took from the show:

AI will revolutionize the hybrid learning landscape

A lot was discussed around the role of AI for education; how it can empower the learner experience and facilitate greater effectiveness in learning solutions. Throughout the show, various types of AI were discussed within the hybrid and online learning realm, with a significant emphasis on ChatGPT.

Our stance, presented at the tradeshow in our Breaking Down Barriers: The Role of AI in language training keynote is that people-powered, AI-enabled learning is the future. For Learnlight, delivering corporate language skills in this way will empower trainers to offer more enriching experiences to students.

Learner engagement is evolving with blended learning

We now operate in a hybrid environment and an increasingly globalized society. What we have come to understand with this transition is that hours of service and/or the physical environment we operate in are not necessarily determinants of the success, quality and productivity of our teams.

Similarly, learning hours and course completions as standalone engagement metrics may not be the best indicator of blended learning success. At the show, we saw various organizations showcasing new ways of engaging and measuring employee engagement for impact in hybrid and online learning.

Learnlight also presented key insights around the importance of effective communication skills in a hybrid world of work, as well the three pillars for successful communication in the workplace.

Communications Skills Gaps in Hybrid Teams

Join our Head of Product, Natalia Jaszczuk, as she explores the challenges and opportunities in the hybrid workplace.

Download our latest e-book on communication skills in hybrid teams here.

L&D leaders will become organizational transformers

Whilst a lot more is to come in L&D, thanks to new hybrid and online learning technologies learning leaders can now offer many more insights into the impact of their programs than in years prior. They can also more coherently connect learning to meaningful employee initiatives such as upskilling and reskilling. This is proving L&D leaders valuable as organizational transformers.

Some talks related to this theme at the show are included here. They are: How to Build an L&D Business Case That Gets Buy-in and Delivers Business Outcomes, What Does the Modern L&D Professional Look Like in 2023? and Building Effective Leadership Through L&D.

Ultimately, immersive experiences are becoming key to blended learning success, and we’ll see more of these facilitated by AI in the coming months and years. What’s more, with the hybrid world of work evolving at such a fast pace, focusing on engaging employees in new ways and investing in communication skills training is becoming essential. In turn so is the role of the L&D leader.

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