22 October 2018

Networking Event: Empowering your Talent to Succeed in a Global Workplace

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Author: Declan Mulkeen

Madrid, 22 October 2018: There is no going back. Globalization is here to stay. The monocultural workplace is now very much a thing of the past – whether it be in your office, on the end of a phone or a Skype for Business virtual meeting, we are all working with colleagues, clients, and partners from the four corners of the world.

Report after report shows that a diverse workforce is a more profitable and innovative one. But it does not come without its challenges – for individual employees, managers, and leaders. Human Resource professionals are particularly in the eye of the hurricane as they struggle to build a collaborative and cohesive workplace and develop the skills of their workforce to work in this newly digitally connected and global environment.

Learnlight has organized fascinating networking events at our three regional Spanish offices (Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao) in October and November that will examine how HR can navigate this globalization minefield and develop new HR, People and Learning strategies to prepare their Talent to succeed in this new global workplace. 

Empowering your Talent to Succeed in a Global Workplace will examine:

  • How does culture impact business – at both an organizational and individual level?
  • What new skills do you need to develop to operate in today’s modern workplace?
  • How can HR play a vital role in preparing their organizations to succeed in this new world?

Global Mobility in the Age of Diversity

The Role Global Mobility Can Play in Delivering a Diverse Workforce

Empowering your Talent to Succeed in a Global Workplace

Delivered by one of our expert trainers, the presentations will challenge you to reconsider how your organization is resourcing and upskilling your talent to meet the needs of your changing international business. 

We will provide real-life and relevant takeaways that you implement right now to help you gain an international competitive advantage.  You will have the chance to hear how other organizations are approaching this challenge and will learn from their experiences. 

Building a pool of globally competent talent should be high on every organization’s priority list.  The sessions will help you take a major step forward in your talent development strategy.

The Speaker: Jessica Rojas

With more than 10 years’ experience in consulting, coaching and training, Jessica is a leading specialist in talent development, career transformation, and intercultural relations. She has worked with corporate organizations and international institutions across the globe to build the international competence of their workforces. 

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