21 December 2018

Naturgy’s Training Solutions

Naturgy Training Solutions



The training solutions that Learnlight offers Naturgy have evolved over time to meet the company’s changing needs. The innovative new Learnlight training program has left behind the previous (and traditional) face-to-face model and replaced it with a totally new and innovative blended virtual and digital offering that adapts perfectly to Naturgy’s requirements. At the core of the offer are personalized Learning Paths for Naturgy employees based on their individual needs and language levels.

The training paths are adapted to the following formats:

  • One-to-one and group virtual programs – with virtual or telephone classes with a dedicated trainer and the option to reschedule sessions.
  • Digital self-study program – a flexible format for the busy, time-poor modern learner. With the Digital option, each participant decides when and where their learning takes place.
  • Face-to-face program – for those cases where its considered necessary, based on specific position or needs.
Overcoming the challenge of internationalization
Overcoming the challenge of internationalization
  • Interactive digital Magazine – a self-study tool tailored specifically to Naturgy’s needs, with dynamic up-to-date content relevant to the target group and the Energy industry as a whole.
  • In addition to the initiatives described above, language immersion courses have also been held in London for those employees with more urgent and specific needs.

All learners have access to the Learnlight platform, accessible from any place, at any time and from any device. They can also access their learning path and session calendar, complete activities or read articles in Learnlight’s digital Magazine.

Learnlight’s training solutions are supported by the Flipped Classroom methodology

Learnlight’s training solutions are supported by the Flipped Classroom methodology. Benjamin Joseph, CEO of Learnlight explains further:

“First, learners prepare for the live virtual session via the Learnlight platform via their PC or mobile device. Second, they attend a session in a virtual classroom where they can practice what they’ve learned, individually or as a group, guided by a trainer. And, finally, once they have fully assimilated everything they’ve learned, they carry out other activities to consolidate and memorize all the contents.”

In addition, both the Corporate University of Naturgy and Learnlight have paid special attention to the entire communication plan – from the launch of the program, during the lifetime of the course itself and after the completion of the course. Personalized communications for learners, videos explaining the services and the platform, as well as banners and other internal advertising media have been developed.

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