21 December 2018

Naturgy’s Training Results

Naturgy Training Results



The partnership between Learnlight and Naturgy has been a huge success, with a 360 degree shift in the way the energy giant understands language training paving the way for a long-term relationship between the two companies.

Naturgy’s language training program has taken a huge step forward, leaving traditional training behind and opening the door to the digital world, which makes training possible for all the group’s employees, regardless of their location or initial level. All locations have guaranteed access to the same contents and services, ensuring uniform results and high-quality standards. This has contributed to improving both ROI and program effectiveness.

The flexibility offered by virtual training is one of the most highly-valued features and has boosted participants’ engagement

The flexibility offered by virtual training is one of the most highly-valued features and has boosted participants’ engagement. However, all the KPIs, such as the hours of training completed, learner attendance and satisfaction have been excellent, exceeding initial expectations.

Thanks to the effects of centralization, program monitoring offers homogeneous and transversal data to the organization. Measuring results is now much easier and more effective.

Overcoming the challenge of internationalization
Overcoming the challenge of internationalization

The centralized training approach has had a positive impact both on cost efficiency and personal performance. It is obvious how having a single provider will have a positive impact on costs, but that’s not all: a global program, with a flexible, cloud-based gamified platform, has boosted participant engagement, helping them achieve their initial objectives and successfully complete their courses.

Victorino Anguera, Head of Naturgy’s Corporate University says that Naturgy is “deeply satisfied to have met the challenges that they set for themselves at the start of this training and development initiative”.

The Naturgy and Learnlight partnership

  • 12,000 employees trained since 2014
  • 10 languages offered
  • 48,000+ hours of training delivered (2017)
  • 4,630 hours of training delivered per month (2017 average)
  • 8.8 overall satisfaction with the course and the platform (out of 10)
  • 9.2 rating for trainer professionalism and expertise (out of 10)

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