12 September 2018

Medline’s Training Solutions

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Learnlight and Medline worked together to design a language training program that met the high expectations of this global initiative.

Learnlight developed a virtual program that could be implemented and used simultaneously in all Medline Europe offices. The program is powered by Learnlight’s award-winning platform that allows learners to access it via any device at a time and place of their choosing.

Medline also identified a series of employees who, due to specific needs related to the projects they were involved in, needed more intensive and personalized training. A totally blended, one-to-one program was designed for them, combining the best of both worlds: a traditional trainer and the digital platform.

Prior to training, the first crucial step was an internal launch plan. Personalized messages were sent out to each of the offices to encourage learners to sign up to the program to receive training in their target language.

HR Manager María Martínez made an invaluable contribution to the project, liaising between Learnlight and the different training departments. Learnlight carried out language competency tests with all learners, to assign them to the course and trainer that best suited their individual needs and desired learning outcomes.

Medline Europe
The Power of Centralization
Medline Europe
The Power of Centralization

Throughout the whole process, there was constant communication with learners and Learnlight’s Program Management team ensured a very successful start to the new language initiative.

The new Medline language program included:

  • A global training program deployed using Learnlight’s award-winning learning platform
  • Access to training for all employees regardless of location
  • Digital training combined with 30-minute virtual sessions delivered by highly qualified trainers
  • Blended one-to-one learning programs for learners with very specific or urgent needs
  • A dedicated Program Manager for learner support
  • Regular learner satisfaction surveys

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