12 September 2018

Marks & Spencer’s Training Solutions

Author: Learnlight

Learnlight worked closely with the Head of Learning, Recruitment and Organizational Development at Marks & Spencer to develop an extensive understanding of the organization’s international strategy and the expectations of their top 100 managers.

Using this knowledge, Learnlight designed a one day program – “Lead to Succeed: Leading the Future in a Global Marketplace”, which forms part of an ongoing suite of development modules for senior level Marks & Spencer employees.

Learnlight’s program was preceded by a session focusing on the importance of international development for the business.

This session, delivered by a leading business school, was positioned to ensure maximum relevance and engagement on Learnlight’s “Leading the Future in a Global Marketplace”.

Marks & Spencer

Leading the Future: Developing Global Leaders

The core one-day program provided global leaders with:

  • An understanding of culture and its impact on international business and leadership
  • Targeted cultural context for leadership in key overseas territories
  • A cultural framework for effective global management and leadership of international teams
  • Access to CultureWizard™, an interactive online intercultural learning resource

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