14 September 2018

Marks & Spencer’s Training Results

Author: Learnlight

To date, Learnlight has delivered numerous “Lead to Succeed” training workshops to Marks & Spencer’s top 100 leaders.

The workshops have:

  • Developed the intercultural competence of this key population
  • Cultivated a global mindset
  • Provided them with practical tools to lead and influence in the new international environment in which they operate. 

Participants report that they are able to build a stronger leadership capability with the knowledge and understanding of key cross-cultural values and behaviors they have gained.

“The Lead to Succeed (International) program has proved to be a real eye-opener for our leaders. Understanding how world economic power is shifting and how different cultures operate and behave has been inspirational. It has allowed our leaders to enhance their capability to get the best out of their international relationships and provided them with practical tools to continue our journey of becoming a truly international business.”

Nigel Jeremy, Head of Learning, Recruitment & Organization Development
Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer

Leading the Future: Developing Global Leaders

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