19 April 2020

Managing Changes in Uncertain Times: Tips for HR and L&D

Talent Development / Team management



How to manage change during unusual times and ensure your employees feel supported, productive and positive about change? Find below some of the tips shared by our expert trainer Jessica Rojas, specialized in talent development, career transformation and intercultural management.


  • We need to get through the change curve and denial is the first step of this; it is usually ego that gets in the way of this. Frustration is also normal so we need to shift our mindset and start to look at ideas and opportunities.
  • The change curve is not the same for everyone and will be a different timeline for everyone, but we all go through it.
  • Understand your emotions first before helping others.
  • Avoid making assumptions in these situations.
  • We need to be open-minded and agile in our responses.


  • Be communicative and be transparent (remember a balance of honesty and managing the information).
  • Recognise and reward accomplishments, especially in difficult periods.
  • Celebrate the behaviour that demonstrates a constructive mindset or willingness to change.
  • Be thankful for the situation: see it as a platform to build on for the future.
  • Keep your own record of your progress whilst in the crisis: it shows us how we managed but also how creative and resilient we are.

Building trust

  • This is essential at any time, but even more so during crises.
  • Be factual in the information you convey.
  • Do what you say you will do.
  • Keep teams focussed on what they can control so they can see progress.
Further reading

Managing stress

  • There will be stress with every crisis.
  • Remember it is not stress itself but how we manage it.
  • Recognise your stress triggers and what you can put in place quickly to manage.
  • Recognise in your employees what stress triggers they have and how they can be relieved.


  • You will change in a crisis and your team will too.
  • Remain positive! This is a chance to be better after we get past the crisis.
  • You have everything you need to be strong in a crisis and get through it.

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