01 December 2023

Learnlight Supports Josiah’s House to Champion Education for All  

As a People-powered EdTech company, Learnlight believes everyone deserves access to world-class education. We believe in accomplishing this not only through our own offerings, but by supporting organizations that operate in alignment with our own mission and values. 

For this reason, every year, Learnlight – on behalf of its clients – selects a charity project to support financially that is aligned to its mission and goals. In 2019, we pledged our support to Josiah’s House, an orphanage in the city of San Pedro de Macoris, Dominican Republic.  

Josiah’s House: Where Hope Has a Home 

 Josiah’s House is a community of homes aimed at providing a safe, nurturing environment for young boys and girls to grow up in. The doors of the House are always open to newcomers, and the volunteers looking after the children provide, along with a loving and nurturing environment, the educational resources the children need to become well-rounded, thriving adults.  

Inspired by Josiah’s dedication to empowering youth with education, Learnlight sponsored this project in 2019. Our support helped the orphanage cover some of their much-needed costs for tuition fees, clothing, and food. Donations were also put towards medical supplies, extracurricular activities, and educational outings – to build life skills and help the children have fun.   

Benjamin Joseph, CEO of Learnlight comments: ‘Learnlight believes everyone should have access to education. We are delighted to be helping Josiah’s House raise funds to support children in need. As always, we are in awe of charities like Josiah’s House, and the many people behind these projects that are dedicating their lives to make the world more equitable’.  

Building a Brighter, More Sustainable Future  

As a People-Powered EdTech, our mission is to build a brighter, more sustainable future together. We do this by deploying education and technology to build mutual understanding between people with different languages, cultures and beliefs. Combined with a long-term, sustainable approach we aim to safeguard our people, our communities and our planet.   

Learn more about Learnlight’s corporate social responsibility stories on our blog. 


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