03 May 2023

Learnlight Success Stories: Liangquan Li On Upskilling His German To Connect With Clients

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improving german language skills

Learnlight is celebrating 15 years of helping learners from around the globe achieve their goals and upskill themselves professionally. In this series, we will be interviewing some of our learners to understand how learning a new language transformed their professional careers.

Next up is Liangquan Li, a Systems, Applications, and Products (SAP) Consultant at CAMELOT Management Consultants. Learnlight’s expert trainers worked with Li in order to help him improve his German language skills for use in his international role. Li’s professional goal was to communicate better with his clients and improve his German speaking skills. He shared that, “Learning German is not easy but it is an important skill to have when living and working in Germany.”

Liangquan Li shares his experience using Learnlight’s Platform to improve his German language skills to connect with clients.

Gain Confidence, Connect Authentically

Anyone who has taken the leap and moved abroad can certainly relate to the challenges of communicating in a new language. It’s all too easy for newcomers to feel a barricade between themselves and the locals due to an inability to communicate effectively. “It can be challenging to talk to people if you don’t speak German, which creates a sense of distance,” Li shares.

CAMELOT Management Consultants, therefore, approached Learnlight with the challenge of enabling their employees to bridge this language gap. Learnlight’s multichannel language training program and expert trainers enable learners to tap into language and intercultural skills in a way that is accessible to them.

Li confirmed that “my Learnlight trainer helped me to incorporate my sense of humor into my communication style, which has helped me to create authentic connections with German friends and colleagues.”

One of the main factors that prevents learners from creating authentic interactions with speakers of other languages is a lack of confidence in their abilities. The Learnlight Empowerment Method is Learnlight’s methodology framework designed to help learners break through this barrier, giving them the confidence they need to have more meaningful conversations outside the classroom.

“After completing this course I feel more confident when I talk in German with my clients,” Li states. He can now confidently give presentations, review data insights, and connect authentically with his clientele in German, thanks to both his own dedication and the proven functionality of the Learnlight program.

Learn With Learnlight Anytime, From Anywhere

CAMELOT Management Consultants chose to partner with Learnlight because we offer our clients’ employees the flexibility to learn from anywhere while allowing them to consistently achieve their learning goals. Indeed, Li has shared that he appreciates the flexibility that Learnlight’s language training offers.

What’s more, Li shared that his Learnlight instructor took language learning a step further by not only teaching the language but also offering tips about local German culture. This provided him with a solid foundation for taking the next step in his overall understanding of German culture and was important for his acclimatization to his new environment.

Ultimately, learning with Learnlight has opened new doors for Li both personally and professionally. “I think it opened a new door for me. I feel more comfortable and more confident when talking German to my friends and clients,” says Li.

What new doors will you choose to open this year? For more success stories, or to learn more about our 15 years of becoming leaders in EdTech, get in touch.

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