08 March 2023

Learnlight Success Stories: Laura Monge On Being Empowered To Lead International Teams

Our mission, at Learnlight, is to help professionals unleash their talent with language, intercultural, and communication skills training. Leveraging our people-powered approach, we have helped thousands of learners around the globe to become more confident and skilled in the workplace. We’re celebrating our 15 years of success by sharing some of the stories of the learners we have worked with on this journey.

The next story comes from Laura Monge, Head of Skills Operations at Learnlight. Laura has been using Learnlight Coach and Cafe on a weekly basis to improve her overall command of the English language. Her personal goal was straightforward: to improve her English speaking level so that she could speak confidently on a daily basis, especially when participating in calls, leading meetings, and writing emails.

From Learning to Leading International Teams

Learnlight leverages over fifteen years of scientific research in its instructional design. Best practice tells us that when learning new languages, nothing is more important than setting a clear goal and taking smaller actionable steps toward achieving it. This proven formula helps learners to stay motivated, on track, and on the road to long-term success.

Learnlight is a global company, with 350 employees working remotely across 40 countries. Laura’s team is truly international, meaning that she needed to be able to communicate effectively across digital platforms and across cultures, providing her team with the right instructions and guidance to be able to fulfill their objectives.

Laura’s experience with Learnlight’s products, therefore, started with very clear goals, and by committing to weekly learning, she was able to achieve them.

Laura shared, “To be honest, I think that I am able to lead an international team with confidence because I am able to speak and write in English thanks to Learnlight.”

Not only did Laura achieve her initial goal, but she also went on to lead both internal and external international teams within her professional setting, after further developing confidence in her communication skills. “I’m not sure I could have achieved all that I have in my career without first learning these language skills through Learnlight Coach,” she stated.

Learnlight Empowers Learners

The various educational tools provided by Learnlight have been created to help companies ensure that their employees gain confidence in their communication skills while advancing in their careers. Having the power to communicate in a common language is a critical skill set in today’s global workforce. It’s a skill that opens up opportunities and breaks down communication barriers in international teams.

Laura’s own experience reflects this, as she states, “I feel secure, confident, and empowered to be participating in conversations and leading meetings in front of a lot of people.” Empowering learners is our top priority across our services. Finally, Laura explained, “I think that I have gained many new skills. The most important thing is that I feel like myself when I speak in English nowadays.”

Laura’s journey is no different from the journey our other learners embark on when provided with access to our language solutions. To read more of these stories, click on this link.

Alternatively, for more information about our empowering programs and learning solutions, request a demo today.

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