03 February 2023

Learnlight Success Stories: Borja González On Building Language Confidence With Learnlight

At Learnlight, we help people across nations, companies, and career paths boost their foreign language skills. Helping the world’s workforce become better communicators, thinkers, and listeners is something we’re immensely proud of. But we’d be remiss if we didn’t offer that same level of success to our own employees, too.

Borja González is the Sales Team Leader in our Spanish sales team. He’s been working at Learnlight for almost six years, serving as a crucial business development executive and ushering new clients into the Learnlight fold.

Borja joined Learnlight while the company still operated predominantly out of Spain. But as it continued to expand internationally, English became Learnlight’s primary language. Suddenly, Borja felt out of his element.

“At first, I was a little uncomfortable and shy to participate in English meetings, even if it was an informal meeting between colleagues,” he said. “This was limiting me on a personal and professional level because I couldn’t participate in international projects and I couldn’t get to know other members on the team. It was a very big obstacle for me and my career in the organization.”

That’s when he decided to start taking English classes with Learnlight. Check out more of his story in his video here.

Learnlight Eases Foreign Language Fears

Before jumping into his English course, Borja feared that the language barrier would hamper his ability to connect with colleagues—one of the key strengths he brings to the workplace.

“I’m a very extroverted person, and the Learnlight training helped me reach more people in the company,” he said. “It also allowed me to become more visible in the organization, to help on international projects and to sell in other regions.”

Borja is almost complete with his B2 level, and has felt his confidence and performance soar.

“Thanks to this training, I feel more comfortable attending meetings and calls in English,” he said. “Having a good vocabulary of the environment I’m working in gave me the power and the tools to make a change in my professional career.”

Better yet, Borja says his foreign language anxiety is a thing of the past.

“I can say that I don’t feel anxious when I hear people talking in English,” he told us. “That’s the biggest and most visible result.”

The Learnlight Platform: Built For Success

Borja takes English lessons through Learnlight’s flagship service, Learnlight Coach, which offers a blend of digital self-study and one-on-one, trainer-led sessions. He meets with his personal language trainer, Christina, once a week. They connect via the Learnlight Platform, which Borja says has been a huge asset to his learning experience.

“I have enjoyed [the Learnlight Platform] from the beginning to the end,” he said. “The onboarding process was extremely quick and accurate. I coordinated my personal preferences not just in terms of schedule, but also in terms of content.”

Not only has the intuitive platform helped Borja make progress, but it’s also helped him get in the habit of working consistently on his English language skills.

“For me, the most important thing is that the learning methodology has helped me build the habit of learning. I knew that one of the key points to succeed in learning languages was consistency,” he noted.

Though he enjoys using the platform, Borja still stresses the importance of building a consistent learning habit. Learning a language can’t happen without a level of personal commitment, because there’s nothing else that can truly do the work for you.

“It doesn’t exist yet—a magical pill that helps us to talk in another language,” he said.

Borja also believes the Learnlight program contains the perfect trifecta for success: great teachers, an intuitive platform and the right materials to level up his language skills.

What’s more, without Learnlight, he said, “I couldn’t have done this interview in English. So, thanks to Christina, and thank you Learnlight!”

Enjoying our Learnlight success stories? Discover what our other learners are saying, or get in touch to schedule a language training demo.

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