07 May 2019

Learnlight Recognized as Global Supplier of the Year by Leading Relocation Services Provider SIRVA

global supplier of the year



7 May 2019: Learnlight is delighted to announce that it has been selected as SIRVA’s global supplier of the year. The award was announced during the exclusive 15th Annual SIRVA University event in the Napa Valley, California. This prize recognizes Learnlight’s exceptional intercultural and language training services which provide support to international assignees and enable them to excel in their destination countries.

Learnlight was selected from a pool of hundreds of global suppliers as SIRVA’s global supplier of the year, a testament to the strong partnership that has been built between the two leading providers. Learnlight has been working with SIRVA since the start of 2018, offering the company a whole host of assignment-related intercultural and language training solutions in the form of digital, virtual and face-to-face training.

The award was given out during the 2019 SIRVA University event which took place on April 16 and 17 in Napa Valley, California. SIRVA University is an annual educational meet featuring experts from across the Global Mobility industry. Learnlight’s Global Mobility team shared their expertise with attendees by delivering presentations on intercultural marketing and how to communicate with impact.

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Daniel Werder, Learnlight’s Head of Global Mobility Partnerships, Michael Handforth, Learnlight’s Head of Operations and Louis Lima, Head of Skills Performance at Learnlight took receipt of the Global Supplier of the Year award on behalf of Learnlight. During the presentation the SIRVA team shared the following reflection on what makes Learnlight a unique partner:

global supplier of the year

‘[Learnlight] helps us see new opportunities to service our clients better.

Learnlight guides thought but always listens to the client and defers to what the client is asking for. They probe and ask the deeper questions to really understand the needs of the client and their employees. Their focus is on developing a better employee, contributing to the SIRVA client’s own success.

‘[Learnlight] is always positive, even when something is not successful. They truly abide by the idea that this is a journey we go on together and can’t be measured by sprints.

Learnlight looks out for SIRVA’s best needs and honors the relationship above all’.

This is not the first time that Learnlight’s Global Mobility services have been recognized, last year Learnlight was shortlisted for two awards at the 2018 Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards. Learnlight looks forward to many more years of collaboration with SIRVA and its other Global Mobility partners.


SIRVA is a leading global moving and relocation services provider which offer a whole host of solutions for relocation programs of any size, frequency and complexity.

More information can be found at www.sirva.com/en-us

About Learnlight

Founded in 2007, Learnlight provides language and soft skills training to blue chips and international institutions across the world, using a blend of cutting-edge technology and world-class instructor-led training to equip employees with the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly complex and global business environment.

Its services are used by more than 1,000 companies and by over 100,000 employees in more than 150 countries around the world.

More information can be found at learnlight.com

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