04 July 2023

Learnlight Partners with The Honeycomb Works

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Some businesses operate in niche spaces. They target one type of person, of one particular age, in one geography. At Learnlight that’s not the case. We help employees – junior and senior, families – with or without children, refugees – as part of our CSR initiatives, you name it. To be the best training provider for all, we need a diverse representation in our team.

That’s why Learnlight represents 55 nationalities, across over 40 different countries in some 400 employees. But today, we’re excited to announce that to strengthen our diversity and inclusion efforts further, we’ve also partnered with The Honeycomb Works (THCW). Backed up by behavioral science research, they will help us build more inclusive workplace practices.

We started our collaboration with THCW launching a company-wide culture and belonging survey. The aim was to understand how employees at Learnlight felt when it came to diversity and inclusion and what the biggest areas of improvement were.

The survey results were pretty stunning. 83% of employees felt they belonged at Learnlight, over 80% felt safe voicing contrary opinions with their peers, over 90% felt respected and valued by their managers, and 96% felt their manager embraced diversity well.

As a result, we earned The Honeycomb Works Golden Cell of Excellence for taking an active, data-driven approach to understanding our culture, demonstrating that our team is diligently working on inclusive habits and that our efforts are translating into results.

Rupert Hillier, COO at Learnlight said, “We strive to always get better at the things we care for the most. It’s been great collaborating with THCW to assess the pulse of the organization in diversity and inclusion and seeing such positive results. We look forward to learning more through THCW’s science-backed training.”  

Honeycomb works

The survey findings will be used to inform our follow-up diversity and inclusion workshops with THCW. These workshops will provide leaders with training on how to continue nurturing the sense of belonging that’s apparent in the organization. Topics will include acting on negative feedback, approaching difficult conversations and challenging bias.

Melissa Sabella, CEO at THCW said,Learnlight is doing an excellent job in creating a culture of belonging because they are putting the work in and looking at culture as a core part of their business strategy. What’s most wonderful about their team is that knowing this, they still want to get better so that as they grow, their great culture grows with them.”

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