25 August 2023

Learnlight Introduces An Upgraded Platform Including New Features For Enhanced Learning

Learnlight Platform Upgrade

Revolutionizing Learning: Explore the Features of Our Upgraded Learnlight Platform

In our bustling modern world, the average person stays in their job for only 4.1 years. The skills they acquire during that period are likely to become outdated in five. This fact compels us to rethink old-school notions of career progression and learning. It’s no longer about climbing the corporate ladder – instead, it’s about a journey of ongoing growth.

Employees today have distinct learning needs, particularly when it comes to maintaining control over their learning paths. They are also extremely busy, making learning increasingly difficult to balance with life’s demands. They crave dynamic and engaging learning experiences that offer them the flexibility to learn at their own pace, whenever it is possible.

Research by McKinsey states that leading online education providers focus on eight key dimensions of the learning experience across three overarching principles: seamless journeys, an engaging teaching approach, and a caring network. That’s exactly what the next-generation Learnlight platform delivers to learners, as detailed in our previous article.

At Learnlight, we understand the distinct needs of learners, fuelled by 15+ years of experience providing language, intercultural, and interpersonal skills training to over 650,000 corporate learners. Therefore, we’ve initiated a significant transformation of our platform, blending top-tier technology with high-quality experiences for B2B language learning, intercultural and interpersonal skills training that truly makes an impact. Our platform has now been comprehensively redesigned, incorporating innovative features and tools to maximize satisfaction and interaction.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the standout features of our new platform. Discover how Learnlight’s new platform can revolutionize your company’s e-learning and empower your learners to ascend to new heights of knowledge and skill acquisition.

Navigate with Ease: Introducing Intuitive Navigation

Embarking on a learning journey should be an exciting endeavor, filled with opportunities for growth and self-discovery. At the heart of this transformative experience is a well-designed path, crafted to cater to the unique needs of each learner.

As learners start their online training courses with us, they’re greeted by the platform’s rich array of useful resources, designed to assist them in getting started, and progress through their course. We have carefully curated everything, from tools to materials, to ensure that learners have everything they need throughout their entire course. Learners can gauge their overall progress, explore their assigned courses, discover different learning paths, and receive tailored recommendations to ensure a truly personalized digital learning experience.

Navigating the Three Stages of Learning

Our new platform is thoughtfully structured around three pivotal stages for all online training courses : Learn, Revise, and Practice. These stages serve as landmarks, fostering increased interaction, engagement, personalization, and overall satisfaction among learners.

  • Learn: Here, learners find themselves immersed in structured learning opportunities, carefully curated to foster progress. Interactive digital activities, live sessions led by expert trainers, and specialized learning guides are at their disposal. This stage becomes their sanctuary, providing all the necessary resources for professional language development, intercultural skills and other communication skills training.
  • Revise: A personal collection of invaluable resources. This space is dedicated to strengthening learners’ skills and solidifying their understanding. Flashcards become trusted companions, ensuring key concepts are internalized. Learners can also benefit from the valuable insights and feedback provided by their trainers during live virtual sessions, capitalizing on the blended learning approach.
  • Practice: This area opens the door to a world of unstructured informal learning tools, empowering learners to explore freely. It’s a playground for experimentation, a space where confidence and competence are nurtured. Through an array of diverse resources, learners can further immerse themselves in topics of interest to apply the skills they’re acquiring.

Stay Informed: Smart Notifications Maximize Engagement

Smart notifications are a valuable tool for promoting learner engagement. The right notification at the right time can nudge learners towards pending actions, guide them through updates, and suggest study recommendations and next steps. With the upgraded in-app notifications and tutorials, we make sure learners stay up-to-date, never missing an opportunity to utilize all the features and tools on our platform to their fullest, thereby maximizing their online learning experience.

Convenience at its Best: Integrated Tools for a Seamless Learning Experience

Convenience is paramount in today’s fast-paced world, especially when it comes to hybrid learning. That’s why the Learnlight Platform simplifies the learning experience for its users with integrated tools throughout all our enterprise learning solutions.


Ever needed to quickly translate a word, phrase, or sentence? With the in-app translator, learners can get translations in seconds. They don’t have to worry about switching between tabs or browser windows—the translator app is embedded right into our platform. Utilizing the Google Translate API, it offers a user-friendly tool that ensures a smooth and seamless learning experience.

The embedded translator supports over 100 languages, allowing users to learn in the language that suits them best. No more hopping onto Google Translate during learning sessions—Learnlight serves as the corporate learners’ comprehensive solution for language.


Perfecting pronunciation is another challenge that learners often face when acquiring a new language. To tackle this, we’ve incorporated a built-in text-to-speech plugin. This tool converts written text into audible speech, enabling learners to perfect their pronunciation and sound natural when speaking. With Learnlight, users can enhance their understanding and speak with confidence, all within a single, comprehensive system.

Personalized Learning: Sophisticated Search Capabilities

At Learnlight, we believe in the power of personalized learning. That’s why our platform features sophisticated search capabilities that enable learners to navigate articles, activities, and other resources with ease. Searchable templates, filters, and keywords allow learners to tailor their search to ensure a personalized learning journey suited to each learner’s interests and goals, whether they’re focusing on verbal communication skills, presentation skills, written communication skills, or more.

Discover the Power of the Learnlight Platform Today!

We invite you to experience our intuitive platform for yourself. Our demos reveal the innovative, personalized learning journey designed to boost your corporate learners’ knowledge and skills. Request a demo today!

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