05 June 2018

Learnlight to Participate in Global Innovation Day 2018

Global Innovation Day 2018


Anabel Aracil

Global Innovation Day 2018 will take place for the first time in Northern Spain’s San Sebastian on 13 June 2018. The annual event aims to showcase innovation in the Basque Country with the 2018 edition focusing on Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) which account for 90% of Basque businesses.

Global Innovation Daty 2018

Global Innovation Day aims to highlight to the more than 200,000 SMEs resident in the Basque Country, the fundamental role that innovation plays in progress and market competitiveness.

Learnlight is delighted to take part this year as a leading SME with a long history of working in the Basque Country with a well-established office in Bilbao.

Declan Mulkeen, Head of Global Marketing at Learnlight says;

“As an SME working in the Basque Country, we are delighted to participate in this event and be able to share ideas and solutions about innovation with other companies in the region.”

The event will kick off with a panel discussion following the presentation of the Innobasque Innovation Report that is published every year by Innobasque, the organizers of the event.

It will also feature talks from innovation leaders such as Silvia Leal, an expert in digital transformation and SMEs and Eduardo Anitua, President and Scientific Director of the BTI Biotechnology Institute, who will share some of the keys to driving innovation.

The highlight of the day’s program will be the “The Challenges of SMEs” workshop, which aims to solve in a very practical and collaborative way the needs and challenges of innovation for SMEs through presentations and company success stories.

The workshop will explore five themes led by recognized leaders in these areas. Declan Mulkeen, Head of Global Marketing at Learnlight, will speak about the marketing challenge posed by the change in buyer behavior and how Inbound Marketing can help SMEs to adapt to this new type of consumer.

The 5 themes of the workshop will be:

  • Financing innovation
  • Leading companies as a source of innovation
  • New business models
  • People: knowledge management, training and talent
  • New Marketing strategies

In addition to Learnlight, other companies that will be attending the event are Euskaltel, Sener, Iberdrola, Laboral Kutxa, Mondragón and the Basque Government. It is an ideal opportunity to develop new strategies and to exchange ideas on innovation with other companies.

If you want to take part, sign up using this link.

Or if you can’t attend in person follow the event on Twitter via @Learnlight and @LearnlightES

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