02 June 2020

Learnlight gives their team the “freedom to work from anywhere”




In their last all-company meeting, Learnlight announced that going forward, staff will have the freedom to choose where they work; at home, in one of their offices, or anywhere else.

Although restrictions are being lifted and work conditions are starting to return to normal in Europe, where Learnlight has several offices, employees will not be asked to return to their workstations. Rupert Hillier, Co-founder and COO at Learnlight announced: “We will be re-opening our offices as and when we can, observing all the safety measures, but the choice to return is up to our team members”. Other progressive technology companies, such as Twitter and Google, have recently made similar announcements, declaring that remote work will now be a permanent and indefinite option for their workers.

Learnlight is not at all new to the concept of remote work and has been a pioneer in the adoption of a global, virtual work environment with team members located worldwide. Working from home has therefore been a long-standing reality for the EdTech company that specializes in fully blended digital, virtual and face-to-face training solutions and currently has over 1,500 corporate clients with more than 100,000 learners in over 150 countries.

Rupert Hillier shares: “We’ve been transitioning to a 100% distributed virtual model for years now, but keeping our staff safe in the context of a global pandemic has given us the final push to complete the transition. All our systems and data are already in the Cloud and our teams have proven to be equally if not more engaged, productive and effective working from home, even in these adverse conditions, so they’ve more than earned the right to decide where they work moving forward.”

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Learnlight shows foresight and preparedness with the decision to continue with an optional remote work model, anticipating that more lockdowns could take place in the future. “That means we must ensure that our systems, processes and activities are virtual, and that we don’t depend on offices in any way’, Hillier explains. With current predictions that companies that do not present remote working options will face a harder time attracting and retaining talent in the future, Learnlight is also making a move to secure the best talent by allowing them to freely choose their work environment.

Benjamin Joseph, Co-founder and CEO at Learnlight, in a recent interview, referred to the ability to adapt, as one of the most significant factors not only to ensure a company’s survival during this pandemic but to come out of it even stronger. This mindset and flexible approach helped benefit their own business during the current crisis as well as their clients, where they happened to migrate 600 clients from face-to-face training to virtual training across more than 40 countries.

While many countries are preparing to establish laws and workplace regulations around remote work, the recent announcement at Learnlight is in line with the company’s philosophy and on-going commitment to provide an inclusive, truly global and flexible work environment for their staff.

Learnlight provides language, intercultural and soft skills training to blue chips and international organizations around the world. Learnlight uses a blend of cutting-edge technology and world-class instructor-led training to equip employees with the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly complex and global business environment. Learnlight currently delivers blended virtual and face-to-face services to more than 1,500 clients with over 100,000+ active learners in more than 150 countries.

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