11 March 2021

Learnlight Expands Footprint by Acquiring IBE in Italy



11th March 2021: Learnlight, the global language, intercultural skills and soft skills training provider, has acquired IBE, a leading Italian language training company.

This investment in growth, backed by Beech Tree Private Equity and Learnlight’s management team, continues their series of acquisitions in different key markets such as the UK, France and Germany as part of their global strategic expansion. Learnlight proved with the acquisition of Arenalingua; it can successfully digitally transform more traditional training businesses, thus benefiting from the combination of their deep regional market knowledge and the innovative product suite brought by Learnlight.

Optimism and Opportunity

IBE has specialized in providing blended learning solutions to some of Italy’s biggest companies, operating from their headquarters in Milan. They have clients such as Intesa Sanpaolo, Pirelli and Roche in their portfolio.

IBE is a known and trusted partner with a reputation for high quality and excellent service, an ideal base from which to launch Learnlight in the country

Benjamin Joseph, CEO of Learnlight, said: “We are really excited about this acquisition. Italy is one of the largest language training markets in Europe and Learnlight, as experts in digital transformation, are ideally positioned to support companies on their journey to a more modern approach to developing these competencies. IBE is a known and trusted partner with a reputation for high quality and excellent service, an ideal base from which Learnlight can grow in the country.”

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Paolo Bevilacqua, CEO of IBE shares: “Languages and effective communication are crucial to help businesses do the best work possible, aiding them to do so is what pride ourselves on at IBE. This acquisition comes at a good time, where L&D, HR and Talent decision-makers are more receptive to making changes and investing in their training. More importantly, this opportunity will benefit our clients as we expand our current language offerings.”

As more and more people work from home, the shift to digital and virtual learning is rising. Learnlight has been pioneering these solutions for over a decade and is excited to support companies in Italy to ideally prepare their workforce to work across multilingual and multicultural teams.

About Learnlight

Learnlight provides language, intercultural and soft skills training to blue chips and international organizations around the world. Learnlight uses a blend of cutting-edge technology and world-class instructor-led training to equip employees with the skills they need to succeed in an increasingly complex and global business environment. Learnlight currently delivers blended virtual and face-to-face services to more than 1,500 clients with over 100,000+ active learners in more than 150 countries.

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