25 January 2024

Interview with Kathleen O’Neil, Learnlight Language Trainer 

We recently released our eBook: Four Ways Communication Skills Training Boosts Productivity, discussing why investing in communication skills training can bring huge benefits to businesses. From productivity, to effective leadership, customer service, and even business innovation, there are many advantages associated with developing communicative mastery.

Two Learnlight trainers were part of the production process. Their powerful insights, combined with Learnlight’s expertise gather communication training tips for business success. Today, we’re very lucky enough to have our Head of Trainer Support, Louise, interviewing one of these trainers. Read on to find out about her, our trainer community, and our eBook insights.

Louise: Hi, Kathleen, thanks for being here with us today. Could you tell us more about what made you want to become a language trainer?

Kathleen: Hi, thanks for having me. Many years ago I started my own sign business – perhaps the first way I helped improve communication for people. I really enjoyed that job.

I later met my Greek husband on a cruise ship. He didn’t speak English but we always communicate in English now. That was perhaps my first (informal) role as a trainer.

When I moved to Greece with him, I was offered to teach many of our neighbors English, and I was always delighted to accept. Eventually, I pursued the career formally with Learnlight.

Louise: Having known you for a while, I can confirm you are made for this job! Remind me, how many years have you been with us?

Kathleen: I joined Learnlight 11 years ago and have had the honor of helping many students from all over the world. I get students come back to me, telling me their success stories: that they’ve been able to use their English language skills to present at a conference, take on an international role, or even become the next CEO. It’s touching to hear their stories.

LouiseIt’s no surprise to hear the impact you’ve had on students. Our audience should know that you’ve won many awards with us, including the Platinum Trainer Award and the 100 Months Gold Trainer Award for your performance over (no less than…) 8 subsequent years! Learnlight is honored to have you.

Louise: With that in mind, what do you enjoy the most in your role?

Kathleen:I really enjoy training groups (Learnlight Teams and Academy), they provide a lot of variety. Bringing people together to learn is one of my favourite parts of the job – plus I get to learn from them too. Humans thrive through social connection. It’s fulfilling to think of my job as a way of empowering individuals from different backgrounds to connect with one another.

Louise: What do you like the most about training with Learnlight?

Kathleen:Learnlight’s technology and methodology are great. Learnlight is successful at encouraging the pattern of “repetition, repetition, repetition” that’s needed to learn properly. The content is really good too. If students do their homework and pay attention in class, they can develop the skills. I would know – as a trainer I get to learn new languages on the platform. I’m currently using Learnlight to learn Greek and I’m making progress!

Louise: Have you got any tips for employees using a foreign language for work?

Kathleen: Your latest eBook includes a few of my best tips. Some of the advice I provide includes practising the language in social settings, because we’re often so focused on what we want to say when speaking a foreign language, that it’s hard to focus on following the conversation, unless we train ourselves to. I also explain the value of using crutches, to make sure we ask the right questions when we’re unsure about what is being discussed.

About Learnlight’s New eBook

Learnlight is a leading provider of language, intercultural, and interpersonal skills training. Our new eBook looks at why and how businesses should adopt communication skills training using a flexible model designed to empower employee learners of all backgrounds and ages.

It also contains more insights from Kathleen, so don’t forget to download your copy if you’ve enjoyed this interview!

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