13 January 2020

How important is it for a language training company to offer an innovative and flexible methodology?



Nowadays, training programs in general are subject to close scrutiny by financial experts who see ROI as the only reason for their existence. Language training services can no longer be “one size fits all”; they need to be tailored to the specific needs not only of those companies still hiring them, but of each and every participant.

This need to adapt is the motor behind the key to success in today’s highly changeable environment: flexibility, as in the ability to change when it’s called for and come up with innovative solutions in response to the austerity and resource optimization measures being taken by companies; to broaden the type and variety of methodologies, from the traditional face-to-face approach, to the use of cutting-edge technological means to convey knowledge.

Source: “Link”, special issue on languages in cooperation with “Equipos y Talento”, issue number 1, 2011

Interview with Llanos Verdu, HR Manager at Johnson & Johnson Consumer

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