22 February 2023

Introducing: The Learnlight Success Stories Series

Learnlight turned 15 this year. We interviewed some of our learners to celebrate.

It’s been a big year for Learnlight. 2022 marked our 15th anniversary, and we’re immensely proud of achieving this milestone. We’ve been celebrating throughout the year, sharing our 15-year journey and the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

As we reflected on our mission to provide professionals with the skills needed to build a brighter future, we interviewed some of our long-time learners to understand how Learnlight has impacted their professional careers. The Learnlight Success Stories series is a compilation of these interviews -providing deep insights into our learners’ professional journeys with Learnlight, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Transformative Learning Experiences

Borja González is a Sales Team Leader in our own Spanish sales team. He leverages Learnlight to improve his English and help him engage more effectively with colleagues and clients across the globe. Read Borja’s story here.

Yuri Kurta is the Commercial Tower Lead at Imperial Brands. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, he’s been using Learnlight to master Mandarin Chinese. Speaking Mandarin helped him break the ice multiple times while engaging with his team members – and even with total strangers on the street. Read more here.

Laura Monge, Head of Skills Operations at Learnlight, shares how her experience learning English with Learnlight Coach helped her communicate better with colleagues and clients, and empowered her to advance in her career and lead international teams. Read more here.

Miguel Barros Figueira is the Market Manager at Imperial Brands in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He has been learning Arabic to communicate with clients and connect with locals. Read more about how Learnlight is helping him achieve his learning goals.

Liangquan Li, SAP Consultant at CAMELOT Management Consultants,  shares his experience using Learnlight’s Platform to improve his German language skills to connect with clients. Read Li’s story here.

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